Where Are You Based? 
We are based in West London, England.

How Can I Discuss My Order/Potential Order? 
The best way is to DM us on Instagram @clattersupplies, you can also email us at hi@clattersupplies.com. 

How Long Will My Order Take? 
Depends on your order to be honest, if you’ve ordered something small like a slip collar or toy, 3-5 working days at most really. Ecollars take 5-9 working days. If you order a larger order with custom requirements, can be between 7-9 working days days (7-12 if order is outside the UK). We are trying to reduce this as we grow and scale.

Do You Offer Refunds?
We want to keep every single customer as happy as possible. If our products fall below your expectations, we will be happy to offer an exchange, gift card or a 100% refund.